Jmxterm is an open source command line based interactive JMX client written in Java. It lets user access a Java MBean server in command line console without graphical environment. In another word, it's a command line alternative of jconsole. JMXTerm relies on jconsole library at runtime though.

JMXTerm can also be embedded with non-Java programming language such as Perl, Shell and Python, and allow these languages to access Java MBean server programmatically.

Please feel free to file issues in github if you have question.



With the downloaded uberjar, run following command line to launch Jmxter.

java -jar jmxterm-1.0.2-uber.jar

1 minute tutorial

The downloaded UBER jar runs out of box with java -jar command. Yes, there's no dependency, installation, user configuration, file structure, permission or log directory to setup.

Just Download And Run java -jar jmxterm-<VERSION>-uber.jar without any option opens an interactive command line console where commands are self-explained. You will never get lost.

jiaqi@happycow:~$ java -jar jmxterm-1.0.2-uber.jar

Welcome to JMX terminal. Type "help" for available commands.


Once you are in the console, help command shows all available commands and help with command name or command with -h option shows the usage of each command. For example

> help get

usage: get [-b <val>] [-d <val>] [-h] [-i] [-q] [-s]

Get value of MBean attribute(s)

-b,--bean <val> MBean name where the attribute is. Optional if bean has

been set

-d,--domain <val> Domain of bean, optional

-h,--help Display usage

-i,--info Show detail information of each attribute

-q,--quots Quotation marks around value

-s,--simple Print simple expression of value without full expression

* stands for all attributes. eg. get Attribute1 Attribute2 or get *

Jmxterm can do a lot more. Check out the user manual page for more complicated usage.